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3. Star sign Symbols


Astrology Basics 3 - Starsign Symbols - Zodiac Glyphs

Each of the planets resides in a zodiac sign.  The zodiac signs represent different types of energy. The type of energy influences the function of that planet.  

The following is a list of the zodiac signs with a few words that describe the energy that colours each sign.

aries star sign Aries -  pioneering, wanting to be first, initiating,  impulsive and active.

taurus star sign  Taurus -  warm, amiable, robust, stocky, rooted, prolific and productive

gemini star sign Gemini -   dualistic, creative, playful, young at heart, inquisitive, adaptable

cancer star sign Cancer -  deeply sensitive, protection seeking, emotional, sensual

leo sign Leo -  authoritative, proud,  courageous, dramatic

virgo sign Virgo -  intuitive logic, scrutiny,  quest for perfection,  anxious  detachment from feelings

libra sign Libra - seeking equilibrium,  sentimental, sincere, poise,  a need to please

scorpio woman Scorpio -  secretive, self-protective, tenacious, mysterious, seeking essence

sagitarius sign Sagittarius -   adventurous, enthusiastic, optimistic, idealistic

capricorn sign Capricorn -  ambitious,  practical, realistic,  fortitude, endurance

aquarius star sign Aquarius -  innovative, individualistic, tactful, resolute, friendly, unconventional

pisces sign Pisces -  ambivalent, receptive, indecisive, vague, undefined, mediator

Next we will look at combining the type of energy (star-sign) with the function of each planet.

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