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Crystal Astrology Reading


Crystal Astrology Reading via Skype

Most people know what their birthstone is, i.e. the stone related to their sun-sign at birth.

However your birth-chart includes the moon and all the planets too.
Sometimes the planets are in favourable signs (signs which make it easy for that planet to operate – Rulers and Exaltation), other times they are found in not so favourable signs (Fall and Detriment).
There are also the aspects the planets make to each other to contend with – the easy ones are some conjunctions, sextiles and trines and the difficult ones are the squares and oppositions. There are other aspects such as the quincunx which indicate irritability.

Crystals can be used to mitigate the unfavourable influence of some planets and to enhance the influence of favourable ones.

Crystal Astrology Readings take the above into account and suggest which crystals can be beneficial for you to use in jewellery, ornaments, crystal meditation and crystal healing.

Please fill in ALL details in the form below.
If you do not know your time of birth please mark Exact TOB as No.

Please give your exact Skype Username so that I can add you.
My Skype username is: Astrocrystals

Appointments can be scheduled Mondays to Fridays from 1000 - 2000 GMT (Greenwich Meantime). You can find your local time equivalent at the World Time-zone Clock Converter .
For the Preferred Date/time, kindly fill in at least two of these using the following format as an example:

Mon 29 Sep 2014 between 1000 - 1500 GMT
Week 16 - 22 Mar 2014 between 1600 - 1700 GMT

After payment is received, I will email you to confirm the date and time of your Skype appointment. Please note that should you need to postpone your Skype appointment AFTER IT IS CONFIRMED, you have to inform me via email at least 24 hours before your appointment is due.

Looking forward to discussing your astrology chart and crystals with you :)

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