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Welcome to the Astrology Portal at

This is where you can generate more detailed Astrology Charts with Interpretation for free!

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  1. FREE birth chart and detailed analysis.
  2. Free Elements in the Birth Chart
    (Fire Water Earth Air) Predominant element, underemphasized or missing element, blend of major 2 elements.
  3. FREE Personal Daily Horoscope - Transits for TODAY
    (how the positions of the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter might affect you today) with Short Interpretations.
  4. FREE Personal Horoscope - Transits for Any Day
    (how the positions of the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter can affect you on any particular day) with Short Interpretations.
  5. FREE Progressions to Natal Chart and Short Interpretations
    (Progressions take the movements of the inner planets and progress them with the rate of a day for every year in life and show trends for the year ahead).
  6. FREE Compatibility Chart - Synastry Chart for Couples. Compare 2 Natal Charts for compatibility
    (Please note that only the chart is available for Synastry at the moment).

We are pleased to offer these services for free to engender interest in Astrology and show how Astrology can help people in their every day life. We ask you to use these charts with moderation. Please try and limit use to 3 - 5 charts per day max. Any member who exaggerates or abuses this portal will be automatically deleted.
We respect your privacy and although we keep tabs on which charts you use and when, we DO NOT keep any of the information you input to generate charts in any database. All we ask for is a valid email address to be able to contact you periodically with information that might interest you. You can always opt out of receiving our emails should you wish to do so. However we will not bombard you with unwanted emails. That is a promise!

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