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4. Planets in Star Signs


Astrology Basics 4 - Planets in Star Signs

The next task is to combine the planet functions and see how they are coloured with the energy of the sign they are found in and see how these can differ.

For example:
Let's imagine 2 men, both have Sun in Aries sun sign aries sign
So their Essential Self (Sun function)
initiating, pioneering, wanting to be first, impulsive and active (Aries energy).

Lets imagine that both these men are married and both their wives are insisting they clear out the garage from the junk they collected over the years, to make space for the new car they have both just bought. Both men are excited about the new car and want to make space for it. 

Now one man  has Mars in Capricorn mars glyph capricorn sign and

the other had Mars in Cancer   mars sign cancer sign.  

Mars  mars sign represents the drive for action, the way we apply our energy.
How do these men apply their energy to the task at hand - clearing the garage...  ?

The man with Mars in Capricorn   mars sign capricorn sign can apply his energy  practically, realistically, efficiently and he will probably keep at it until he gets the job done,

The man with Mars in Cancer  mars sign cancer sign will apply his energy sensitively and emotionally. He will probably not want to throw away old memories'. He'd be sentimental about things he'd forgotten he had and gets bogged down by his emotions. It will definitely take him longer to finish the task!

Now take a look at your Birth Chart. Try to identify each planet and what sign it resides in. Combine the function of that planet with the energy of the zodiac sign it is in. Does the energy flow easily with that function or does it seem blocked? Do this for each of the luminaries (Sun and Moon) and the planets.

We all have our strengths and our weaknesses. That is what makes us human. There is no such thing as a perfect chart. By understanding our strengths we know what we can be optimistic about. Acknowledging our weaknesses is the first step towards improving ourselves.

In the next step we'll look at the zodiac signs more in detail.  Each sign belongs to a modality and an element.

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