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Planets Crystals

The most important 'planet' in our birth chart is the SUN. The Sun represents our core being, our real self, the real life force. The crystal that is most associated with the sun is the aptly named Sunstone. It is a beautiful translucent form of quartz which has inclusions of other minerals in it. Sunstone sparkles and gives off light, just as the sun does.
We find all the other planets in our birth chart and all have crystals associated with them.
For example Moonstone is associated with the Moon. Moonstone is a nearly transparent form of feldspar and comes in a variety of pale colours. The moon represents the reactive self, the habit forming Self. The sign the moon is in at birth tells us something about our comfort Zone. A moonstone or other stones associated with the moon help us enhance homely qualities and help us form healthy habits.
The Sun and the Moon are known as the Lights. Technically they are not planets, but for convenience's sake they are listed under Planet Crystals here.

Mercury stones deal with intelligence, logic and communication. If you're shy and you need to speak in public, wearing a Mercury stone will certainly help.
Venus - the planet of love - I think we all know what Venus crystals can do ....
Mars (just like the chocolate) gives you energy. Mars crystals help us apply just the right kind of energy to our projects.Mars crystals help one become more assertive.
Jupiter is the planet of expansion - It's the lucky planet, Lord of optimism. A Jupiter stone helps when starting new projects, building new concepts. Jupiter crystals help with opportunity and growth. Careful though - certain growth, especially round the waist is not really indicated....
Saturn is the Lord of destiny and lessons in life. It rules structure. If you know anyone who needs to get serious, who needs to sober up, get them a Saturn stone.
Uranus - the planet of renovation and restructuring.A Uranus crystal helps bring out that eccentric, avante garde edge. No interior decorator should be without one.
Neptune represents mysticism, imagination, illusion, surrealism.Neptune crystals help artists with creativity and psychics connect with higher spheres.
Lastly Pluto - the planet of regeneration - a Pluto crystal can help produce a complete transformation of one's being and one's surroundings.
Click on the planet glyphs above to see crystals for each planet.