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2. Planet Glyphs


Astrology Basics 2 - Planet Symbols (Glyphs)

Try to familiarise yourself with the Planet symbols and what the Planets represent in our life.

All the bodies in our Solar System, the Sun, Moon and planets each represent a faculty in our being.

Sun sign Sun - the Essential Self, the Real life force, the nucleus of being

moon sign Moon - The reactive self, the habit forming Self, the Reflection, The comfort Zone

mercury glyph Mercury - the intelligence,  understanding and communication, the logical self

venus glyph Venus - the emotions, feelings, love, sociability

mars glyph Mars - Drive, the way energy is applied, assertive qualities, action

jupiter glyph Jupiter -  Attitude to opportunity and growth, the planet of luck

saturn glyph Saturn -  The way we structure and contain, our boundaries

uranus glyph Uranus - the way we renovate and restructure 

neptune sign Neptune - the way we dream and express higher  emotions

pluto sign Pluto -  the way we transform

Now, we'll take a look at the zodiac symbols, the star sign glyphs. Please click Next from the tab at the top.

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