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5. Mode of Energy


Astrology Basics 5 - Star Sign Modalities

There are 3 modes of energy - modalities - (Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable) and 4 elements (Fire, Earth, Water, Air) in Astrology.

Each zodiac sign belongs to 1 modality and 1 element. So there are 4 zodiac signs for each modality and 3 zodiac signs for each element.

The modalities are the mode in which the energy functions.


Cardinal energy is an initiator, it pushes outwards, it functions in the world which it sees around it and tries to establish itself outside its source. 
Cardinal Signs are the signs at the beginning of each season - the initiators
aries sign    Aries cancer sign     Cancer     libra sign Libra   capricorn signCapricorn


Fixed energy concentrates inwards, it collects and looks for stability within.
Fixed Signs are the signs in the middle of the season - the stabilisers
taurus sign   Taurus   leo sign  Leo   scorpio sign    Scorpio     aquarius sign    Aquarius


Mutable energy is the catalyst, it works in both directions, and is on the move between in and out all the time.
Mutable Signs are the sign that end the season - the agents of change
gemini sign    Gemini    virgo sign   Virgo    sagittarius sign    Sagitarrius     pisces sign    Pisces


Next we will look at The zodiac signs in the 4 Elements - Fire, Earth, Water and Air and how they affect personality.

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