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Carnelian Pendant - Silver on Copper Wire Weave 01


p> The Orange-Red Carnelian Crystal is very clear and measures 3.2cm x 2.67cm x 1.29cm
This Carnelian pendant has an original design. The handmade setting is a weave of silver on copper wire and the pendant measures 6cm in length.

- vitalises physical, emotional and mental bodies
- aligns physical and etheric bodies
- enhances attunement with inner self
- facilitates concentration
- opens the heart
- enhances warmth, joy and sociability

Carnelian is believed to:
- calm tempers, relieves sexual tension
- protect against illness
- instills a powerful sense of well-being
- helps eliminate unresolved feelings
- brings good luck, happiness, prosperity and success

Carnelian is recommended for those who lack courage or have a creative block.

In Astrology CARNELIAN is a VIRGO birthstone, and has a modern association to zodiac sign TAURUS. Carnelian is linked to the planets VENUS, MARS and JUPITER.

Red CARNELIAN relates to Muladhara - the Root Chakra ( 1 ) and orange-red to Swadhisthana - the Sacral or Navel Chakra ( 2 ).

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