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6. The Four Elements & Personality



The Classical Elements - the building blocks of everything. Going back to basics, searching for your roots etc etc... always a good thing.

Back in the days when astronomy was still astrology, chemistry was alchemy and the zero wasnt yet around, our ancestors who were by far wiser than us, established that everything that exists does so in a Reality that emcompasses Four Principles.

These 4 principles or 4 Elements are not separate from one another but act upon each other to comprise the whole. We can relate the process to the 4 phases of the Moon which make up a Lunar Month - New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon, Last Quarter.

Other associations we can make are:

  • the 4 points on the compass - North, South, East, West
  • the 4 seasons in a year - Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
  • the 4 stages of human life - Birth, Growth, Maturity, Death

The Four Elements are:

Fire signs Water signs Air zodiac signs Earth signs

Hot and Dry
The Source

Cold and Moist

Hot and Moist

Cold and Dry

Take a growing plant as an example. It needs:

Earth: Soil to structure and stabilize in
Water: to nurture it
Fire: heat from the sun to grow
Air: wind to disperse its seeds

A business project includes:

Fire: The Source - the idea, the plan, the outline
Earth: Stability - The product or service
Water: Connecting - Marketing
Air: Dispersion - Sales

The elements can also be found in personality traits and relate to temperament. The Meyers-Briggs personality test is based on a four-fold concept as is the Jungian theory of the four personality types - thinking (Air), intuiting (Fire), feeling (Water) and sensing (Earth). It takes all four elements to create balance, so the presence of all four elements is the ideal scenario for a balanced personality.

In Astrology each zodiac sign is associated with one of the four elements. The Sun, the Moon and the planets are found in different signs in each natal horoscope. Most people assume that their predominant element is the one of their SunSign, but this is not necessarily the case. One has to consider the whole horoscope holistically. Having said that, very few people have a completely balanced chart. Most people tend to exhibit one or two predominant elements.

Earthy types reflect common sense, Fiery types are orientated towards action, Airy types are the thinkers and communicators, and Watery types consider life from an emotional point of view.

Earth signs are Taurus taurus sign Virgo virgo sign and Capricorn capricorn sun sign

Water signs are Cancer cancer sign Scorpio scorpio signand Pisces pisces sun sign

Fire signs are Aries aries sign Leo leo sign and Sagittarius sagittarius sign

Air signs are Gemini gemini sign Libra libra sign and Aquarius aquarius sign

It is now time to look at your natal chart and see which elements are predominant there. If you do not already have a natal chart please get one from here. For your birth chart you will need your date of birth, your time of birth (if unknown use 12.00 noon) and the Longitude (East or West) and Latitude (North or Sourth) of the place you are born at. You can get these co-ordinates by doing an atlas query . Fill in your data and submit to get your birth chart.
Your natal chart is a map of the sky taken at the time and from the place you were born in, so it is particular to you as a person. If you do not know the time you were born, you can get a general chart for the day and put the time as 1200 or middday. This will not be as accurate as one with the correct time but it can still help you.

Next we will look at each element individually and see how these can affect personality.

You can also try out the Free Astrology - Elements Calculator and choose the correct signs for the sun moon and planets according to your chart and press submit. You will get personal information on your Predominant Element, Your Underemphasized Element (if any) and the Blend of your two major Elements.

If you need one to one help with your personal chart you can try a Private online consultation via Skype. Click here for details.

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