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7.Fire Element & Personality


Fire      sagitarius,leos, aries love

Fire is the life principle. It provides heat and light. It brings on the new. It transforms.

Fire in the personality represents inspiration, passion, enthusiasm, desire.

The fiery intelligence is dynamic, daring, enthusiastic, active and hopeful. It is bold enough and has the courage to follow the inspiration or idea.

Fire is force, lust, fertility and virility, initiative and rejuvenation. Fire is a starter, an initiator.

Fire is charming, flamboyant and inspirational.

Fire is what improves our courage, confidence, motivation and our sense of humor.


Fire signs are   Aries Aries star sign, Leo leo sign, and Sagittarius sagitarrius star sign

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Below is a list of different personality traits exhibited by the FIRE element.




  • high spirits, great faith in self- a fairly unrelenting insistence on your own point of view
  • radiant, vitalizing energy that seems to glow with warmth and exuberance
  • intense assertiveness, individualism, active and self-expressive
  • enthusiasm - put all of yourself in whatever you do, belief in self and own powers
  • leadership qualities - need for recognition
  • blunt honesty - straightforward and often child-like
  • Good natured and fun-loving - usually has lots of friends
  • Experience (having a good time) is more important than possessions
  • a good deal of freedom to express yourself naturally
  • to control your energies in order not to overpower or exhaust the more retiring or more sensitive types
  • to become aware of the talents and abilities of others. You try to do it all yourself and don't delegate well
  • to be recognized and admired for your attainment and accomplishments. Appreciation is more important than money in your estimation
  • to control gullibility and naivety
Can help:
  • stimulate people who are more lethargic


Self-expression, both emotional and creative, may be difficult for you. Absence of fire can make you cold, lack enthusiam and be slow to act. The likelihood of being an introvert higher. You seem to stop yourself in your tracks, you spend so much time testing the water and not taking the plunge that pleasure, thrills and glory will be slow coming your way. You do not like drama and flashy people, rather you like the more subtle and sensitive approach. You might not like being in the spotlight on because you under-rate your worth so you end assisting others whose talents are less than your own, but whose drive, desire and enthusiasm is greater and you end up in a subordinate role.


  • lack of passion and spark
  • the dare-evil courage
  • lack of action
  • lacks self-confidence

  • to experience life more actively
  • to push yourself to act - competition is healthy
  • to become more vital - make that first move
  • to stop under-estimating own abilities and worth



Fire and Earth type

When the elements of Fire and Earth combine, the result is potentially powerful and creative.

Fire provides inspiration and action and Earth looks for structure. The Earth planets give sustaining power to the drive and self-expression of the Fire planets. Earth grounds Fire so that energies can be conserved and focused. The result is that you may be too focused on your own world and ideas that you have little concern for anything that interferes or takes you away from your goal. There is normally a degree of insensitivity. It is important to be aware of other people's feelings and not to put the realisation of your goals before everything else. You are reliable and productive.

Fire and Air type

Fire and Air are complementary elements (fire needs air).

This combination makes you an aspiring,idealistic, positive-thinker and usually have a way with words and a witty turn of phrase. You have the best of intentions and motives, but although you may "talk the talk" you may not always "walk the walk". Although this is a creative blend full of enthusiasm and ideas, realism is not your strong point, your energies may be scattered or you might not be grounded or persisent enough to see the job through to completion.

Fire and Air are what we call the Male Yang Active elements. You have the ability to activate things but you must realize your energy is not endless and that you need to tune in to your deeper resources (Water and Earth: Female Yin Passive elements) if you are to avoid a state of constant depletion.

Fire and Water Type

Fire and Water are not the most compatible of elements.

Fire can heat water up, till it is warm and nice or till it evaporates and disappears. Water can will always try and put fire out.

This blend shows a general tendency to express everything emotionally, excitedly, and rather impulsively. There is often a lack of logical, systematic thought and procedure, which results in restlessness, indecision leading to subjective bias.

Usually known as an intense personality with emotional extremes subject to big mood-swings. There is a need to learn self-restraint and to be less influenced by what people might think. You function well under pressure and you do best when being challenged.

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