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8.Earth Element & Personality


Earth         earth signs

Earth is the element of strength, prosperity, growth, and stability.

Earth is solid, rich, sultry, strong and dependable (Mother Earth), that is... until it erupts!

Earth represents growth and the commitment it takes to make things grow. It is a slow and methodical element. Stability is Earth's unique gift.

Earth is Yin, Passive, Female and Receptive. It represents sensations, patience, tolerance, dedication.

Earth is the foundation for all the other elements. Earth is commitment, permanence, form. It is facts and law, practicality and consequence.

The senses - Seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting and touching are functions of Earth.


Earth signs are   Taurus Taurus star sign, Virgo virgo star signand Capricorn capricorn star sign

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Below is a list of different personality traits exhibited by the EARTH element.


  • common sense, stability, dependability
  • a tendency towards being cautious, premeditative and conventional
  • a responsible, diligent, pragmatic, no-nonsense approach to life
  • concern with physical well-being rather than spiritual attainment
  • reliability and steadfastness
  • realism, rigid conservatism, extreme materialism
  • to open up to new ideas and use of imagination
  • to guard against rigid, methodical, strait-jacketed mentality
  • to guard against being too predictable
  • to be less concerned with the physical and material and focus more on the abstract and emotional
  • to take a chance, to risk every now and again


  • disinterest in material gain and earthly possessions
  • a certain discomfort integrating with the environment
  • a childlike inability to handle practical and mundane issues
  • an inability to ground - lost in space, building castles in the air
  • difficulty getting organised and finishing things
  • lack of common sense and reliability
  • to guard against confusion and insecurity
  • to improve understanding of the basics, the root or matrix of things
  • to learn to appreciate the simple things in life which are usually taken for granted
  • to ground grandoise schemes within a realistic framework


Earth and Fire type

When the elements of Fire and Earth combine, the result is potentially powerful and creative.

Fire provides inspiration and action and Earth looks for structure. The Earth planets give sustaining power to the drive and self-expression of the Fire planets.

Earth grounds Fire so that energies can be conserved and focused. The result is that you may be too focused on your own world and ideas that you have little concern for anything that interferes or takes you away from your goal. There is normally a degree of insensitivity.

It is important to be aware of other people's feelings and not to put the realisation of your goals before everything else. You are reliable and productive.

Earth and Water Type

Water nourishes and complements Earth, both elements being Yin Passive and Receptive.

Structure, security and survival needs are in the forefront and there might be a deep pre-occupation with obtaining resources and much energy is spent to ensure safety.

Some Water and Earth types show great attachments to traditional values, family, home, job, community. This type give the impression they are deep, serious and self-protective and that others can rely on their stability and resources and because of this they might seem burdened and weighed down emotionally.

Water is all about memories and this type can be too attached to the past and fearful of the present and future. Positive thinking and forming ideals helps.

Earth and Air Type

Earth and Air predominance produces an oscillation between the abstract world of concepts and the more mundane world of practical efficiency.

When the blend works positively it puts intellect to practical use resulting in abstract concepts being transformed into practical concrete objectives. Possessing a fairly detached and dry logic marked with common sense you are not easily overwhelmed with large projects which need attention to detail. You can handle alot of stress.

On the negative side, there might be a marked absence of emotions.

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