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Quartz is the ultimate generator and activator of energy when it comes to crystals. Some speak of quartz as being 'solid cosmic light' or the 'essence of spirit in matter'. Quartz will amplify the energy it finds around it. It is not associated with any one star sign or planet in particular because it belongs to and energises all of them.

Metaphysical Properties of Quartz

Quartz has a myriad of uses. Besides being used in optical articles like prisms, lenses, microscopes and spectrometres, when quartz is pressed it produces piezo electricity or oscillations which are used in many electronic devices. When quartz is heated it produces pyroelectricity which temporarily changes the polarity of the crystal.
In crystal healing, quartz has many applications. It is a most effective energiser. It is an emotional balancer, it stimulates brain functions and amplifies thought forms. Quartz is a very powerful dispeller of negativity in personal energy fields and in the environment, it receives, activates, stores, transmits and amplifies energy. Quartz is excellent for meditation as it enhances interdimensional communication and communication with higher Self and spirit guides. In crystal therapy it is an excellent channeler of healing and can be used to clear blockages.

There are many varieties of quartz: clear quartz, opaque or milky white quartz, rose quartz, smoky quartz, rutilated and tourmalinated quartz, aventurine quartz, tigers eye, agates, chalcedony and fire agate to name but a few. Amethyst and citrine are also varieties of quartz.

Physical Properties of Quartz

Quartz can be found in big crystals or in microcrystaline form. It often has inclusions of other minerals, such as chlorite, tourmaline, rutile and many, many more. A wonderful mineral to collect due to its abundance and many forms. One of my favourites!
Chemical composition: Silicon dioxide.
Crystal structure: Trigonal.
Hardness: 7

Types of Quartz Formations

You can find information on the metaphysical properties of different quartz formations here.

Please note that Amethyst, Citrine, Aventurine, Tiger Eye, Agate, Chalcedony are listed under their own name in the main Crystals-Minerals List.

The many formations of quartz include Double or Single Terminations, Bridge, Devic Temple, Dow Temple, Elestial, Faden, Generator, Transmittor, Manifestation and Channeling Crystals. Others include Window, Isis, Key, Phantom, Rainbow, Tabular, Self-healed Crystals. There are also Tantric Twins, Laser Wands and Sceptre quartz. Please use the search function above to look for specific formations on this website.