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Physical Properties

Opal is non-crystalline, formed of a hardened silica gel with 5 to 10 per cent water. Due to the water content, opals can dehydrate, dry out and crack. Precious opal gets its iridescence by light defracting upon a regular arrangement of minute silica spheres within the stone. Opal forms and fills cavities within sedimentary rocks, or veins in igneous rocks. It can replace organic material in fossil wood, shell and bone, sometimes creating spectacular and beautiful specimens. Australia has been the main source of opals over the last century. Other localities include the former Czechoslovakia, Brazil, the USA, Southern Africa, Ethiopia and Mexico Chemical composition: Hydrated silica gel Crystal structure: Amorphous Hardness: 6

Metaphysical Properties and Crystal Healing

Opal stimulates pineal and pituitary glands, aids eyesight, emotional balancer, enhances intuition, inducesa conscious connection with your higher self,inspiring self esteem and contentment. Opal comes in the full spectrum of colours

In Astrology

Opal is the Mystical Birthstone of the star sign Taurus; it is the Modern Birthstone and the Ayurvedic Birthstone of the zodiac sign Scorpio; it is also associated with Gemini.
The famous mineralogist George Frederick Kunz in his 20th century book 'The Curious Lore of Precious Stones' associated Opal with the Sun and the planet Mercury.

7 Chakras

White Opal: Anahata, the Heart Chakra ( 4 ), Other opals: according to colour.

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