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Physical Properties

Dravite, a dark, usually brown coloured variety of tourmaline.
Chemical composition: Complex borosilicate.
Crystal structure: Trigonal.
Hardness 7.5

Metaphysical Properties and Crystal Healing

A brown variety of tourmaline. This stone is strongly associated with healing, especially in the legs. It is said that if you suffer from hip problems, to lie on either side and place the mineral on the hip will help sort the problem. It works well with Jade and Selenite, the Selenite draws healing white light through the crown chakra while the Jade can be placed on the heart chakra to ease tonal frequency.

In Astrology

Dravite relates to the zodiac sign ARIES.

7 Chakras

Dravite relates to Muladhara - the Root Chakra ( 1 ).

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