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Physical Properties

Diamond is the hardest natural substance known. It is formed deep in the mantle, and is only brought to the surface via kimberlite pipes, lamprophyres, eclogites and other rocks that originate deep within the mantle. It is also found in alluvial deposits, along with quartz, corundum, zircon and other minerals, derived from such rocks, and in certain meteorites.
Chemical Composition: Carbon
Crystal structure: Isometric / Cubic
Hardness: 10

Metaphysical Properties and Crystal Healing

Dispels negativity, purifies the body and spirit, reflects the desires of the highest consciousness in its enhancement of brain functions, aids alignment of cranial bones, breaks up blockages in crown chakra and in the personality, master healer, dispels negativity, purifies physical, etheric bodies. Amplifies the full spectrum of energies in body, mind, spirit.Alignment with higher Self, abundance, innocence, purity, faithfulness.

In Astrology

Diamond is the Traditional, Modern and Ayurvedic Birthstone of the zodiac sign TAURUS. It is also the Mystical Birthstone of the star sign VIRGOThe famous mineralogist George Frederick Kunz in his 20th century book 'The Curious Lore of Precious Stones' associated it the planet JUPITER.

7 Chakras

Diamond helps all the chakras.

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