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Physical Properties

Covellite is usually found as opaque masses with iridescent blue colours. Also known as covelline, covellite is named after Nicholas Covelli who first discovered it at Mount Vesuvius, Italy.
Chemical composition: Copper sulfide
Crystal structure: Hexagonal.
Hardness: 1.5 to 2

Metaphysical Properties and Crystal Healing

The creativity stone. An iridescent copper mineral with an indigo and purple sheen. It is said to work on the intuition and inspiration, imparting force to creativity. It helps one accomplish one’s goals.

In Astrology

Covellite is one of the stones of the planet NEPTUNE.

7 Chakras

Covellite harmonizes with Ajna, The Third Eye Chakra ( 6 ).

Covellite Cabochon

Covellite Cabochon

Stunning unusual Covellite Cabochon. Ex. Peter Kleiner Dimensions: 3.5 x 2.5 x 0.4 cm


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