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Physical Properties

Chrysoberyl is a green, greenish yellow, yellow to brown gemstone. In ancient times sometimes known as chrysolite.
The rare Alexandrite, a stone that changes from red to green in different light and the beautiful cats eye or cymophane are chrysoberyls.
Crystal system: Orthrombic.
Chemical Composition: Beryllium aluminium oxide.
Hardness: 8.5

Metaphysical Properties and Crystal Healing

The golden-yellow Chrysoberyl can help identify the nature of disease and whether the malaise is mental, emotional, physical or spiritual in origin. It is the crystal of individuation and helps one go against 'safety in numbers'and find the courage to spend time alone to find one's true nature. Chrysoberyl is also a prosperity stone and brings good luck.
Physically, Chrysoberyl for good for intestinal disorders, celiac disease, and ulcers. It can also help with exhaustion, food allergies, eyesight (especially at night), and weight loss.

In Astrology

Chrysoberyl is associated with the planet MERCURY.

7 Chakras

Yellow Chrysoberyl is linked to Manipura - the Solar Plexus Chakra ( 3 ).

Chrysoberyl Pebble 001

Chrysoberyl Pebble 001

A gemmy alluvial chrysoberyl pebble. This one came from my own personal collection. Dimensions:1.9 x 1.5 x 1.2 cm


Max: 1