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Crystals Minerals

Crystals and minerals

Earth goodies, such delights! Some sparkle, some are transparent, others translucent. Some are like miniature universes - captured moments frozen in time. They come in many shapes, in all the colours of the rainbow and more.
People use crystals in a myriad of ways. Some collect rare specimen and display them in cabinets. Others polish, facet them and put them in jewellery for people to wear. Crystals are a souce of power - ask any wiccan or pagan. Others use crystals for healing, reiki crystals for example, or chakra stones. Healers usually prefer natural crystals to polished ones. Yet others cleanse with crystals. Feng shui masters clear away negativity using crystals. People like to own the birthstone associated with their star-sign. Crystal astrology is widespread.
From tumble stones to gemstones, palmstones to huge geodes, from natural quartz points to carved star shaped merkabas and crystal skulls, these earth gems have been with us for millennia and they never lose their popularity.