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Crystal Zodiac


The Zodiac and Crystals and Gemstones

The following is a list of Star Sign Birthstones, Zodiac and Planet Crystals according to lists by William Lilly, Frederick G Kunz and modern day associations.
Please click on the glyphs to see crystals for each zodiac sign or planet and or on their link for the individual crystals.

Crystals & Gemstones

aquarius birthstone

Traditional Astrology: garnet
Modern Birthstone:garnet
Traditional Birthstone: garnet
Mystical Birthstone:emerald
Ayurvedic Birthstone:garnet
12 tribes of Israel: jacinth
Associated Gemstones:moss agate, peridot, chrysophrase, amazonite, sodalite

pisces birthstone

Traditional Astrology: amethyst
Modern Birthstone: amethyst
Traditional Birthstone: amethyst
Mystical Birthstone: bloodstone
Ayurvedic Birthstone: amethyst
12 tribes of Israel: amethyst
Associated Gemstones: emerald, Moonstone, pearl, cat's eye, quartz, malachite, tanzanite

aries birthstone

Traditional Astrology: bloodstone
Modern Birthstone: aquamarine
Traditional Birthstone: bloodstone, jasper
Mystical Birthstone: jade
Ayurvedic Birthstone: bloodstone
12 tribes of Israel: jasper
Associated Gemstones:sardonyx, chrysolite, carnelian tourmaline, amber, red spinel, yellow topaz

taurus birthstone

Traditional Astrology: sapphire
Modern Birthstone: diamond
Traditional Birthstone: diamond, sapphire
Mystical Birthstone: opal
Ayurvedic Birthstone: diamond
12 tribes of Israel: sapphire
Associated Gemstones: carnelian, jade, jasper (green), chalcedony, larimar, kunzite

gemini birthstone

Traditional Astrology: agate
Modern Birthstone: emerald
Traditional Birthstone: emerald, agate
Mystical Birthstone: sapphire
Ayurvedic Birthstone: agate
12 tribes of Israel: agate
Associated Gemstones: opal, coral, lapis lazuli, calcite, sodalite

cancer birthstone

Traditional Astrology: emerald
Modern Birthstone: Moonstone, pearl
Traditional Birthstone: alexandrite, emerald
Mystical Birthstone: Moonstone
Ayurvedic Birthstone: pearl
12 tribes of Israel: emerald
Associated Gemstones: beryl, aquamarine, carbuncle, lodestone, tanzanite

leo birthstone

Traditional Astrology: onyx
Modern Birthstone: ruby
Traditional Birthstone: ruby, onyx
Mystical Birthstone: ruby
Ayurvedic Birthstone: ruby
12 tribes of Israel: onyx
Associated Gemstones: topazchrysolite, chrysoberyl, tangerinne quartz, sunstone, tiger-eye

virgo birthstone

Traditional Astrology: carnelian
Modern Birthstone: peridot
Traditional Birthstone: sardonyx, sapphire
Mystical Birthstone: diamond
Ayurvedic Birthstone: sapphire
12 tribes of Israel: carnelian
Associated Gemstones: ruby, spinel, malachite, black onyx, jet, dendritic opal, titanite - sphene

libra birthstone

Traditional Astrology: peridot
Modern Birthstone: sapphire
Traditional Birthstone: sapphire, peridot
Mystical Birthstone: agate
Ayurvedic Birthstone: Moonstone
12 tribes of Israel: chrysolite
Associated Gemstones: garnet, zircon, hawk-eye, titanite, variscite

scorpio birthstone

Traditional Astrology: beryl
Modern Birthstone: opal, tourmaline
Traditional Birthstone: tourmaline, aquamarine
Mystical Birthstone: jasper
Ayurvedic Birthstone: opal
12 tribes of Israel: beryl
Associated Gemstones: amethyst, schorl, rubellite

sagittarius birthstone

Traditional Astrology: topaz
Modern Birthstone: topaz, citrine
Traditional Birthstone: citrine, topaz
Mystical Birthstone: pearl
Ayurvedic Birthstone: topaz
12 tribes of Israel: topaz
Associated Gemstones: heliotrope (bloodstone) , apatite

capricorn birthstone

Traditional Astrology: ruby
Modern Birthstone: turquoise, blue topaz
Traditional Birthstone: zircon, ruby
Mystical Birthstone: onyx
Ayurvedic Birthstone: ruby
12 tribes of Israel: ruby
Associated Gemstones: turquoise, sapphire, smoky quartz, hematite, schorl - black tourmaline

The Planets and their crystals

The following is a list of associations between the Planets and Crystals as it developed over time. The list includes associations made by Willian Lilly, George Frederick Kunz as well as current associations listed under Modern thought.
William Lilly was a 17th century astrologer who published a number of astrological texts among which are 'Christian Astrology' and 'Introduction to Horary Astrology.' He wrote about the effects of crystals in his autobiography among other things.
George Frederick Kunz (1856-1932) was an American mineralogist and mineral collector who became famous for identifying a new variety of gem - spodumene - which is nowadays also known as Kunzite (in his honour). Among other books he wrote The Curious Lore of Precious Stones where the crystal-planet associations come from. The planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are mentioned by neither Lilly (because they were not as yet discovered during his lifetime) nor Kunz (who seems to have stuck to tradition) and all associations for these planets come later and are listed under Modern.

Planets Crystal Associations
sun gemstone

Metal: gold

LILLY: ZIRCON / HYACINTH, chrysolite, adamant, carbuncle, ruby

KUNZ: alectoria, aetites, garnet, sunstone lyneurius, pyrite-gold, opal

MODERN: ruby, red spinel, rutilated quartz

moon gemstone

Metal: silver

LILLY: selenite, quartz

KUNZ: Moonstone, pyrite-silver

MODERN: pearl, Moonstone, Moldavite, aventurine, calcite, diopside, variscite

mercury gemstone

Metal: silver

LILLY: marcasite or fire-stone, agates

KUNZ: jasper, sapphire, emerald, chalcedony, peridot, chrysoprase, pearl, turquoise, hematite,pyrite-gold, opal

MODERN: amber, blue topaz, citrine, Moldavite, peridot, rhodochrosite, smoky quartz, hawk-eye, emerald

venus gemstone, venus crystal

Metal: copper

LILLY: carnelian, blue sapphire, white/red coral, marcasite, alabaster, lapis lazuli, beryl, chrysolite - peridot

KUNZ: jasper, emerald, beryl, chrysoprase, pearl, carbuncle, agate, turquoise, lapis lazuli, stalactite

Modern: jade,rose quartz, rhodochrosite, malachite, kunzite, larimar

mars gemstone, mars crystal

Metal: iron

LILLY: ocre, adamant, loadstone, bloodstone, jasper,amethyst

KUNZ: sardonyx, beryl, topaz, jacinth, amethyst, carbuncle, agate, quartz, magnet, halcyon, carnelian

Modern: coral, carnelian

jupiter gemstone, jupiter crystal

Metal: tin

LILLY: amethyst, emerald ZIRCON / HYACINTH, topaz, quartz, bezoar, marble, sandstone

KUNZ: sapphire, chalcedony, diamond, jacinth, amethyst, chelidon, bezoar, armenia, iris, pyrite-ash, carnelian

MODERN: yellow sapphire, yellow topaz, yellow apatite, malachite

saturn gemstone, saturn crystal

Metal: lead

LILLY: sapphire, lapis lazuli, all black stones

KUNZ: chalcedony, sardonyx, topaz, obsidian, dionesia, jet, halcyon, pyrite-tin

MODERN: onyx, hematite, azurite, blue sapphire

uranus gemstone, uranus crystal

MODERN: Quartz, Rutilated Quartz, Tourmalated Quartz, Aventurine, Labradorite, Blue Topaz

neptune gemstone, neptune crystal

MODERN: Celestite, Coral, Fluorite, Kyanite, Lapis Lazuli, Sapphire , Covellite, larimar

pluto gemstone, pluto crystal

MODERN: Jet, Obsidian, Tourmalated Quartz, Moldavite, Kyanite, Labradorite, Meteorite