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Virgo Birthstone

Virgo Birthstones

Virgo is the last of the summer signs. Mutable energy of the earth element, Virgo starts on 22 or 23rd August - 20 September. If in doubt whether your sun was in Virgo at birth please check your free birth chart. Virgo Birthstones come in all sorts of colours. They're mutable and changeable, just like their sign. Virgo colours range from white speckled with crimson (Carnelian) and purple, to yellow and blue/ green. Among Virgo gemstones are green peridot and yellow sapphire.

The VIRGO Birthstone through the ages

Month/s August / September
Zodiac SignVirgo Birthstone
Ruling PlanetVirgo Birthstone - Mercury Crystals
Colour/s crimson/white
blue/ green
Traditional Astrology Carnelian
Modern BirthstonePeridot
Traditional BirthstoneSardonyx
Mystical Birthstone Diamond
Ayurvedic Birthstone Sapphire
the 12 tribes of Israel Carnelian
Other Associated GemstonesRuby
black Onyx

Virgo - intuitive logic, scrutiny, quest for perfection, anxious detachment from feelings

Please take a look at Virgo Birthstones and other Virgo crystals and gemstones below

Sphene Crystal

Sphene Crystal

Bright green clear gemmy titanite crystals. Also known as sphene. A Calcium titanium silicate. Location: Madagascar. Dimensions. Approx 2 x 1.5 x 0.1...



Sphene Crystal

Sphene Crystal

A bright green gemmy sphene crystal. Also known as sphene.


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Spinel Crystal

Spinel Crystal

Spinel Octahedra Crystal Magnesium Aluminium Oxide Colour: Red to Purple Location: Myanmar Dimensions: Approx 1 x 1 cm We will choose one for you.


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White Sapphire Crystal 006

White Sapphire Crystal 006

An alluvial white sapphire crystal, opaque to transparent with an interesting bent shape and a slight yellow tinge. A very tactile crystal that came...


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