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Pisces Birthstone

Pisces Birthstones

Pisces marks the end of the astrological year. A mutable sign of the water element, Pisces is ruled by Neptune, that most mystic of planets. Piscean colours range from violet to green and white. The main Pisces birthstone is violet in colour - Amethyst. Pisces starts from 20 or 21 February - 20 or 21 March. If you are born on the cusp (beginning) of Pisces please refer to your free birth chart to find out exactly which sign the Sun was in at birth.

The PISCES Birthstone through the ages

Month/sFebruary / March
Zodiac Sign Pisces Birthstone
Ruling PlanetPisces Birthstone -  Neptune Crystals
Colour/s green/white
Traditional Astrology Amethyst
Modern Birthstone Amethyst
Traditional Birthstone Amethyst
Mystical BirthstoneBloodstone
Ayurvedic Birthstone Amethyst
the 12 tribes of Israel Amethyst
Other Associated Gemstones Emerald
Cat's eye

Pisces - ambivalent, receptive, indecisive, vague, undefined, mediator

Please take a look at rough and polished Pisces Birthstones and other Pisces crystals and gemstones below:

Tanzanite Crystal 001

Tanzanite Crystal 001

Gorgeous little gem quality tanzanite crystal showing one crystal face. Natural and unheated. 4.44 ct. Dimensions: 0.7 x 0.6 x 0.9 cm.


Max: 1
Tanzanite Crystal 002

Tanzanite Crystal 002

Gem quality tanzanite crystal. This is a part crystal, a termination with a sawn base. It is natural and unheated. 2.59 ct. Dimensions: 0.9 x 0.7 x...


Max: 1
Vera Cruz Amethyst Cluster 001

Vera Cruz Amethyst Cluster 001

Interesting lavender, pale amethyst vera cruz quartz cluster. The crystal on the right of the picture has a break rather than a termination....


Max: 1

Vera Cruz Amethyst Cluster 002

Vera Cruz Amethyst Cluster 002

Amazing lavander, pale amethyst vera cruz quartz cluster. Part sceptre. Tiny chips on tip. Location: Vera Cruz, Mexico. Dimensions: 8 x 3.7 x 2 cm.


Max: 1