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Gemini Birthstone

Gemini Birthstones

Agate Emerald Calcite Lapis Lazuli

Gemini is the third sign, the last month of spring. It's a mutable sign of the air element. Gemini starts on 20/21/22 May to 20 June. As signs do not start on the same day and time each year, if you were born on the cusp (beginning or end)of Gemini, please check your free birth chart to find the exact sign the Sun was in at birth. Gemini colours are mixed, hence Agate - which comes in many colours - is one of the Gemini Birthstones. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury.

The GEMINI Birthstone through the ages

Month/sMay / June
Zodiac Sign gemini birthstone
Ruling Planet
Colour/s yellow/green
mixed colours
light blue
Traditional Astrologyagate
Modern Birthstone agate
Traditional Birthstone emerald
Mystical Birthstone emerald
Ayurvedic Birthstone emerald
the 12 tribes of IsraelSapphire
Other Associated Gemstones agate
lapis lazuli

Gemini - dualistic, creative, playful, young at heart, inquisitive, adaptable

Look below for natural and polished Gemini Birthstones and other Gemini Crystals and gemstones

Stellar Beam Calcite Crystal 003

Stellar Beam Calcite Crystal 003

Part stellar beam calcite crystal. There is a small cleave on the termination. Location: Gloucester, United Kingdom. Dimensions: 3 x 2 x 1.5 cm.


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Stellar Beam Calcite Crystal 005

Stellar Beam Calcite Crystal 005

Part double terminated stellar beam calcite crystal with brown colouration and phantoms caused by iron staining. Location: Gloucester, United...


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White Sapphire Crystal 006

White Sapphire Crystal 006

An alluvial white sapphire crystal, opaque to transparent with an interesting bent shape and a slight yellow tinge. A very tactile crystal that came...


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