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Birth Stones

Star Sign Stones

Birth stones are crystals associated with the zodiac sign your Sun was in when you were born. Some people like to wear their birth stone in the form of jewellery. Other prefer the raw power imparted by the unpolished birth stone and keep it in their pocket or carry it in a pouch on their person. Which ever form you prefer, your birthstone will enhance the energy imparted by the zodiac sign your Sun was in at birth.

Although what we term as birth stone is associated with the position of the Sun at birth, all the other zodiac signs and planets are also 'present' in your birth chart. All zodiac signs and planets impart energy and sometimes it is wise to enhance certain types of energy, depending on what we want from life. For example:

  • to increase physical energy, wear an Aries or Mars crystal
  • for mental clarity, try a Gemini, Virgo or Mercury crystal
  • to attract Love, try a Taurus or Libra stone - the rulers of Venus
  • to attract optimism and expansion go for a Jupiter or Sagittarius crystal
  • to further your ambition, try a Saturn or Capricorn crystal
  • a homely crystal is a Cancer stone ruled by the Moon

Sometimes one of the four elements is missing from one's birth chart. In these cases it usually helps to wear a crystal which is associated with the signs of the missing element in order to help bring balance in our lives.To find out more about elements in your birth chart try the Free Astrology Elements Calculator

If you need help in deciphering your birth chart and the zodiac sign stones which might help you, please refer to our free astrology and crystal information on this website or try our online consultation service which you can find at Astrology-crystal-Readings