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Astrology & Crystals Portal 's Astrology and Crystals Portal

If you would like more indepth Astrology for FREE please join our

Astrology and Crystals Portal

At the Astrology and Crystals Portal you can generate more detailed Astrology Birth Charts with Interpretation for FREE!

Please Register to be able to access:
  1. FREE birth chart and detailed analysis.
  2. FREE Personal Daily Horoscope - Transits for TODAY
    (how the positions of the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter might affect you today) with Short Interpretations.
  3. FREE Personal Horoscope - Transits for Any Day
    (how the positions of the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter can affect you on any particular day) with Short Interpretations.
  4. FREE Progressions to Natal Chart and Short Interpretations
    (Progressions take the movements of the inner planets and progress them with the rate of a day for every year in life and show trends for the year ahead).
  5. FREE Compatibility Chart - Synastry Chart for Couples. Compare 2 Natal Charts for compatibility
    (Please note that only the chart is available for Synastry at the moment).

Please join our budding Astrological Community at
Astrology and Crystals Portal