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1. Astrology Chart


Astrology Basics 1 -The Astrological Chart

Nowadays everyone knows their Sun Sign. Most people call it their star sign, but there are many stars!   

Most people also know which other signs they like, which signs they  get along with, and which signs they do not like. You hear things like  - I am a Gemini, my boyfriend is a Libra, my best friend is is a Leo and I do not get along with Capricorns. Sounds familiar?  People are referring to the zodiac sign their Sun was in when they were born.

In reality all the zodiac signs are there when we are born.  We give more importance to the sun sign because it is where the Sun - our star, the nucleus of our solar system, the bringer of life - is at birth.  But  that does not mean there are only 12 types of people in the world.  Although people of the same sunsign have a similar make up, they can behave very differently in any given situation. This is because although the essential self is of the same energy quality, the way they react (the Moon), the way they think (Mercury), the way they feel (Venus), the way they act (Mars), the way they seek opportunity and growth (Jupiter), the way they understand structure (Saturn) are all in different signs. It is the combination of all these energies that is mapped on the birth chart.

It can be quite daunting to understand a birth chart. Look at a sample chart below.

free birth chart online

You see a circle with 12 numbers, full of  squiggly signs with some lines going across it. What does it all mean? Astrology is a language, to read that language you need to know its alphabet. The numbers 1-12 represent the houses in the chart. These are areas of life such as:
The Self - house 1
The Home - house 4
the Partner - house 7
the Profession - house 10
(more on houses later).

The symbols or glyphs in astrology represent the 12 Zodiac signs; the luminaries - the Sun and the Moon; the inner or personal planets - Mercury, Venus and Mars; the outer planets - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. There are also symbols for the asteroids, and for specific points in space such as the Dragon's Nodes but we will deal with these later.

It is time to get familiar with these symbols (also called glyphs for short). In the next page we will look at the symbols for the planets and after that the symbols for the zodiac signs. Each are presented with keywords to give you an idea of what the symbol represents.

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