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On Astrology


Are you into Astrology?.... so am I, big time, even when it was not trendy...

So you’re born, you exist, you feel, you express, you grow a bit, then you name and you speak, you learn language,  you learn about life,  you go to school, they teach you things at school. You learn them and you keep on growing.  Eventually you come across anomalies, situations that make you question.  You ask, you get replies - but they do not really answer your questions. You try to understand as best you can, but it all seems bigger than you and you understand what you can . You move on, you absorb, you form opinions, you feel your way around, you act on things, you grow,  you structure, you meet obstacles and try to restructure, you’re puzzled and try to understand the deeper meaning of things, then  situations hit you and seem to change you, a transformation into a new you, and then the new you seems to start the cycle all over again, with a new feeling, thinking, acting, growing, structuring, renovating, understanding and transforming and it goes on and on and on....

Life happens in cycles, and the planets go around their orbits. We live on the “third rock from the Sun” which forms  part of a whole other load of ‘rocks’ going round our star, all making up our Solar System.  Is it a wonder that it’s all linked?

“As above, so below” goes the hermetic axiom. An atom is like a miniature solar system.

It is like a hologram, we can explore inner space, we can explore outer space, or we can explore where we are and link the two.

Some of us choose to consider the ‘inner’ – the atom – and have managed to split it, others choose to explore the ‘outer’ – the heavens  - lets hope that does not split. Joking apart, if we are part of all around, and we can view things holistically, is it not wise to try and understand relationships between the things around us, that are part of the greater whole? We learn through repetition, and planetary cycles repeat again and again.  Can we learn anything by correlating the two, and can we apply them to good use?

I think we can. Astrology has helped me understand myself  more.  No one can tell you more about yourself than yourself.  Astrology is a useful tool for self-development and understanding.  An experienced astrologer can tell you many things about yourself, but how much better would it be to discover these for yourself.  Understanding happens on a deeper level when it is personal experience rather than acquired information.

So my proposition to you is that you take the time, get your Birth Chart. Note that this free birth chart comes with a free interpretation. But please be aware that this is a computer generated interpretation, so don't just read this and leave because you will be losing out. In order to truly understand a natal chart one has to have a holistic outlook - so the human element is very important. You need to synthesise all the information and give more weight to the more important components of the chart. Although a computer generated interpretation can help you along the way, it cannot replace human understanding. Computers cannot synthesise the information and decide which element, planet, aspect are at the forefront and therefore deserve more weight than others when interpreting your chart.
Go through Astrology - the Basics on this site.  Learn about the glyphs and meanings of the different signs and planets, modalities and elements. You will gain insight into self-understanding and also understanding others.

For your birth chart you will need your date of birth, your time of birth (if unknown use 12.00 noon) and the Longitude (East or West) and Latitude (North or South) of the place you are born at. You can get these co-ordinates by doing an atlas query . Fill in your data here and submit to get your birth chart.

If you need one to one help with your personal chart you can try a Private online consultation via Skype. Click here for details.