Air is uncontainable, unseen, elusive, changeable and swift.

Air represents mental activity, thoughts, reason and intellect, knowledge, persuasion.

Air is the element of insight, vision and communication.

Air is detachment which enables a broad overview, expressing things in perspective with clarity and sharpness. From detachment can arise abstract thought in the realm of ideals.

Air represents change, and change is necessary for growth and achievement. Air is about freedom and freedom of choice which leads to rebirth and renewal.

It brings about uniqueness and it is this quality that separates our individual path from others' paths.


Air signs are Gemini Gemini star Sign, Libra libra star signand Aquarius aquarius star sign

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Below is a list of different personality traits regarding the AIR element.


  • a strong emphasis on rational and logical thought, ideas and intellectual pursuits
  • detachment and a sense of objectivity and fairmindedness
  • mental agility when communicating and expressing ideas
  • more concern with theory than with application
  • a tendency to be people-oriented but inclined towards the group rather than the individual
  • varied interests which lead to a lifelong search for knowledge
  • to ground ideas in reality
  • to visualise a practical use for their ideas
  • to guard against constant thinking and impractical dreaming
  • to allow space for emotional development and interaction


  • an inability to communicate effectively or clearly, communication can be enigmatic and obscure
  • self-consciousness associated with circumstances which point to incoherent communication
  • difficulty learning when the goal does not have an immediate and tangible end
  • enhanced ability to communicate emotionally, physically or psychically
  • to learn adaptability and the use of the mental functions in a creative manner
  • to view issues in a more objective manner
  • to define and visualise alternatives and objectives
  • to learn how to plan ahead
    expand horizons of general interests


Air and Fire type

Air and Fire are complementary elements (fire needs air).

This combination makes you an aspiring,idealistic, positive-thinker and usually have a way with words and a witty turn of phrase. You have the best of intentions and motives, but although you may "talk the talk" you may not always "walk the walk".

Although this is a creative blend full of enthusiasm and ideas, realism is not your strong point, your energies may be scattered or you might not be grounded or persisent enough to see the job through to completion.

Fire and Air are what we call the Male Yang Active elements. You have the ability to activate things but you must realize your energy is not endless and that you need to tune in to your deeper resources (Water and Earth: Female Yin Passive elements) if you are to avoid a state of constant depletion.

Air and Water Type

Predominance of Air and Water makes for an "emotional intellectual".

Although this might sound like an anomaly you are very much in tune with both the emotional and intellectual areas of your life. Water gives you feeling and intuition and Air gives you access to the world of abstract ideas.

This combination results in your being able to detach yourself from your own emotions to gain a deeper perspective of your own feelings through your intellect. Your imagination is very active and people might see you as "being in the clouds". Dreams, escapism and fantasy abound.

However you know how to tune in to people, and communicate concisely.

Air and Earth Type

Earth and Air predominance produces an oscillation between the abstract world of concepts and the more mundane world of practical efficiency.

When the blend works positively it puts intellect to practical use resulting in abstract concepts being transformed into practical concrete objectives.

Possessing a fairly detached and dry logic marked with common sense you are not easily overwhelmed with large projects which need attention to detail. You can handle alot of stress.

On the negative side, there might be a marked absence of emotions.

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